Blog Home Info Press Advertise With Us Apparel Accessories handbags necklaces earrings bracelets rings brooches Spa Goods soaps & scrubs body care face & hair care cosmetics Home Decor Paper Goods Other Luxuries Sale Items was founded on the premise that advertising can be affordable when small businesses pool their resources. To that end:
  • enables indie businesses to advertise as a co-op.
  • Members pay dues which create an advertising budget for the website.
What other benefits do members enjoy?
  • 7 of your products featured on Loungeluxe! 5 on category pages, 2 on the sale page and one product of your choice right on the homepage.
  • Free email marketing! We'll send your promotions to our newsletters free of charge. We send our monthly newsletter to over 3,500 opt-in subscribers.
  • Real time performance data! Know exactly how many click-thoughs your products receive up to the minute.
  • Real time account management! Change your featured products any time you want. You have the control through your account management tool.
Anything else I should know?
Whether you advertise here or some place else, the following two articles offer great explanations about how online advertising provides value: OK, maybe I'll give this a shot. How do I sign up?
Contact us at Smaller Box for current membership details.

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